15 Words / Phrases That Need To Stop Being Used Immediately

Let’s start with this: This should not be an opinion, this is fact. Everyone should be behind this initiative to stop these words and phrases from tearing apart our language and intelligence. That being said, let’s start the list.

1. “Bae”

2. “P.L.U.R.”

3. “Turnt Up”

4. “Heady”

5. “Bro”

6. “Twerk”

7. “Selfie”

8. “Y.O.L.O.”

9. “Cray”

10. “Ratchet”

11. “Swag”

12. “Awks”

13. “Cuddle Puddle”

14. “Bestie”

15. “Thirsty”

If you have ever used any of these words in your adult life, please reassess your actions and goals in life. Broaden your vocabulary and stop shortening words for no reason. Please feel free to reply and add any other words that you believe I have missed. Trust me, there are many more.